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Alexodia Sturmschatter
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EX US Air Force veteran, Therian, and Libertarian.

Know what that means.... Not Liberal Not Conservative im anti Authoritarian with a touch of free enterprise. Im Ex Military tho I still would serve again if i could be bothered to shave and enlist.

Service in Iraq, Afghanistan, England, Italy, United States of America, and Netherlands.

Been to 27 Different countries, 50 states. None of them impressed me at all except the state of Confusion which was entertaining to say the least.

Dated a UK Fur once... Not worth mentioning
Dated a Texan once... He was cool fun and awesome and makes a far better friend then a mate so im glad im still on good terms with him. Long story short it was situation that came up with him made UK fur not worth mentioning.

Dating a Sweet ass Ohioan its just brilliant and the best relationship i've ever had.

Got a Friendly Wolf named Elsniperino for a friend sweet guy tho he sorta nuts kinda like i used to be.

Best Friends name is Drakeye.
Next Best Friend is Matthew Boliki
Next Best Friend is Darth Nightstep

Furry bros to
The Some How Still Straight Furry Kilawolf
The Some How Maniacle uncle RZ Starpaw
The Some what Purple Bro Aiwait Shi

Favorite games
Supreme Commander (including Forged Alliance)
Sins of a Solar Empire
Space Empires IV
Master of Orion II
Colonization (Civ VI and Colonization the original)
Mass Effect
Team Fortress II
Dark Messaih
Resistance 1 and 2

Hitler was a Conservative.
Stalin was a Liberal.
Churchill was Moderate.

*Id list Roosevelt but hes just as bad as the other 2 in a way with what he did to Japanese Americans.*

Who do you want to lead you?
hypocritical geo politics, hypocritical religious philosophy, neo moderates, neo-liberals, neoconservatives