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 Sooo yea today was interesting
Incoming at :2:30
Incoming at 2:31
Incoming at 2:32
Incoming at 2:35
Incoming at 3:44
Incoming at 3:46
Incoming ,,,
well at least one to two every hour after that up till 8:30
they must have been desperate.
Humorously did not hear a single explosion.

Ah another beautiful day in the kitty litter


 Poptarts and Plasma Cannons. 

Can you cook Poptarts with plasma cannons.
How about Taco Bell. Can you get mouth watering beef and cook the taco with a plasma cannon?

Iraq day 495

 Updates are in order.
Its 45+C (125+F) 
I nearly got crushed by a Stryker but it missed,
Chow hall food is getting old
Only have 235 days left.

Total Savings
Not enough
New house paid off same day of purchase.
Repairs ongoing
Build the garage conversion

personal status
Close calls last month: 2
Explosions heard: Too got damn Many
Alarms sounded: A lot more than explosions heard.

Star Dreadnought! (IRAQ Day 438)

Why does lucas and his idiots have to always change things. Super Star Destroyer worked just fine!


Desert Region.
Home of the Crude Oil.
The Oil Extends life... and Carbon Emmisions
Whom ever controls Iraq controls the universe.
That is why the Aliens all over the universe fight for control over dun... i mean Iraq.

So been a while since I talked here. Dont think anyone even reads it anymore. SOOOOOOOOO
Hi all you lazy bums. LONG LIVE KHORN.

And on another Note MEW.

So honestly. It is now Jun 1st, hot as hell and dusty too. Mortars fall more than rain does. We are expected to still be here a while. I'm glad. Would rather not goto afghanistan honestly. Contractor Casualties have exceeded military causualties there. Either way im just house hunting for a good house to buy to start my slum lord years.


    Alright current savings are restored from the loss of the 30k in england. I now am 100% recovered from that Fiasco. =-) Plus i got a business partner in the UK from when i was stationed there. This cat is swell guy to work with. Would ya believe of any one who would visit somone they dont even know this guy is it.

Any way me and Jake basically are working out a plan. ^_^. Jakes got plenty of savings to work with and is mean with money. So he's gonna try to get stateside or to canada. Me and my mate will meet him half way *this is all 2-3 years from now* with my job here im tax exempt upto 91k so im happy.

New laptops on order both Asus I7's. On is for me and one for my Foxie. On top of that I will have a Grumman Cheetah. *Single engine Prop plane.* Screw a car when you can own a Plane. =D


2 fursuits on order one for me and mate. and Were going on a nice long Cruise from San Juan Puerto Rico for 7 days. after that i return to iraq and probebly extend my plans to stay here till Im sure im set for life. Then I will go back to school the Savings will both set me up for the 8 years I intend to attend and to make sure im comfortable with my mate.


I am here with a purpose. I am here for my foxie and for myself. to set us up for sucess. ^_^

The desert is fairly quiet now. Most of the fighting has left the area im in so i have no real issues *cept with KBR* The nets semi functional and thats alright.

Achieve Savings of substantial quantity.
Return to school get certifications and degree's.
Be with my foxie.

This time around it will be alright. I have the best mate in the world and I love him with all my heart.
The mistakes of the past teach one to survive. The past showed me what pain was so that i could see true love.
My soul mate Forever.

"Failure begets weakness."
"Betrayel Begets Blood."

Christain Zionist Extremism

Posted on Right Wing Watch.

In What "Other Ways" Does Wildmon Intend To Warn Comedy Central?
Submitted by Kyle on June 3, 2010 - 8:03am

Yesterday we noted that several Religious Right leaders had formed a new group called Citizens Against Religious Bigotry to protest a scheduled Comedy Central program about Jesus Christ called "JC."

It seems that organizers are upset about Comedy Central's "double standard" when it comes to Christianity and Islam:

[American Family Association president Tim Wildmon] is quick to point out that a few weeks ago, Comedy Central edited out a segment from South Park that was disrespectful of Mohammed after a Moslem activist group complained. Wildmon, along with those in the Coalition Against Religious Bigotry, feel that creates a double standard.

"It seems like something that Comedy Central should take note of, that Christians will not stand by and let this happen with our Lord and Savior either," the AFA president comments. "We will respond economically and in other ways to what Comedy Central's doing here."

Of course, Comedy Central censored "South Park" because of death threats:

A radical Islamic website had warned the creators of "South Park" that they could face violent retribution for their depiction of Prophet Muhammad.

RevolutionMuslim.com posted the warning following the 200th episode of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "South Park," which included a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad disguised in a bear suit. The web posting also included a graphic photo of Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker who was murdered in 2004 after making a documentary on violence against Muslim women.

"We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show," the posting reads. "This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them."

Abu Talhah al Amrikee, the author of the post, told Foxnews.com he wrote the entry to "raise awareness." He said the grisly photograph of van Gogh was meant to "explain the severity" of what Parker and Stone did by mocking Muhammad.

Is that what Wildmon has in mind when he says that "Christians will not stand by and let this happen with our Lord and Savior either" and that they will respond "in other ways" to this program? We certainly hope not.

Copywrite People for the American Way/Right Wing watch!

Iraq week 10

So were should I start. Been here for 10 weeks. =-) I dont get out much as sand dunes and salt flats dont really strike me as entertaining sites. Currently working on Promina at my site. Learning alot about it I never got to learn before tho my average day is sit and See how many blocked sites I can hit on a government computer. =D

Well I'm impressed by the idiocy shown by the Congress at allowing the US military to decide whether or not to removed Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Admiral Mullen is the only one of that group who is honest at all and even I doubt that hes being completely honest. He will probebly end up like Pace and Shinseki who all fought the integtration policies.

Our President needs to shape up and say, This Policy is over. I Directly order you to expedite the full integration of Gays, Lesbians, and Transgender personel, or find a new job!

But of course Our Commander in Chief lets there be too many chiefs and not enough Indians. So he does not know how to give orders to the US Armed Forces. He does not need congress to approve of any such change in order to enforce it. I served in the Military. I know the president orders you to jump you damn well do it. And better go higher than he orders.

Oh well.

10th week in Iraq. One convoy attacked with me in it. Pretty energetic. Dont like being shot at by RPG's. Dont get a gun to shoot back.

Base is quiet. Lotsa troops and convoys move thru. =D Iraqi's dont mess with the convoys much as they end up dead when they do.

The Time im here and away from my mate I miss him alot. But I always remember I do this for him.

As it stands I'm engaged now. Soon to be married. =-) Makes me happy to have my mate hehe.


Week 10 in progress.

8 Days

8 days and counting. I'm tempted to back out. Very very tempted. Spending another term there possibly twice as long as the first. Yea this time without a gun. LOL worried like hell!

Move Completed

Well majority of my stuff is moved I will put pictures up. Now just sorting cloths and the like. Its not the most awesome apartment in the world but the Neighbors are all cool and comprise of A cop, An Army E-5 (Sergent), and a Construction worker.

My roomies consist of
The mate Kit Foxolus.
The Non-Furry furry friendly Joram32
And myself.

Its a 3 Bed 1.5 Bath 1,100 sqr feet in Copperas cove tx. Brilliantly located 10 minutes from everything in cove and has no yard to take care of.

In other news my sharing of this humble abode wont be for very long as I get to goto the Desert to make buukoo's of cash. So I will be playing in the Giant Kitty litter for 8+ months. After recuperating from my time in UK my parents finally drove me nuts again. So here I am on my own again. This opportunity to advance my life is wonderful. Especially after the setbacks in the UK.

Sometimes sacrifices must be made to learn.

So here I am once again whole thanks to Foxolus, Elsniperino, Cursive34, Joram32, Drakeye, Kody, Fallamon, Jester, Alex, Spikus, Sirius, Carlevin, Mom, The Bitch, Hector, Matt, Leon(Ice_Wulf), RZ Starpaw, Kodi, and again to the Kit.

Foxolus you stood and still stand by my side having taken a shattered Kitten into your protection and it blossomed from there. You gave me hope after it was stolen and nearly destroyed within me three times.

Sniper Your a good guy and you have always been there for me and even taught me some Irish slang. Your an awesome wolf just lighten up a little *licks*

Joshua Manson CALM THE HELL DOWN! That being said you helped alot too.

Mom if you ever read this! YOUR NUTS! No No No not those type of nuts i meant the mental nuts. MOM LEAVE KIT ALONE GAH HES NOT INTO CHICKS!